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[ Catwoman ]

I know many people said it was horrible. Most people critisized what Catwoman wore or said the story didn't make sense.

I think the story makes sense.

However, I don't know how many versions of "The Real Catwoman" there are - as far as the real series' goes. I've seen Batman Returns version of Catwoman and I know that story.

I don't know, comic-verse/wise, if that is the only story of how Catwoman came to be and while I do care for personal preference, I don't care so much for how it affects the movie.

The movie as a whole is pretty good. I do think that it was highly overdone with various CG - over done cat-crawling and such that looked far too fake. Not catlike, human or cat-human. It just seemed far too fake. With technology, you either make it look as real as possible or you avoid using it.

I think Halle is doing a good job. I think Benjamine is doing a good job.

The acting isn't poor.
The story isn't poor.
Personally, I love Catwoman's outfit and would wear it if I had the body. I don't think it's wrong at all for a female to wear that - if she wants to. If a woman feels like wearing it? Wear it. If a male wants to wear a speedo? Wear it. I mean, within the right situations - you can't go wearing either in, like, a Red Lobster or something. But, the point remains. I love her outfit. I don't like the cat-hat all that much. I prefer the other Catwoman in Batman Returns - her cat hat. I also don't mind the stitches and wouldn't have minded seeing that in the current Catwoman.
The CG, however, was poor. It was perfect for a game. Perfect if the entire movie was CG and over-the-top in that sense. However, for this particular movie it felt incredibly out of place. I think the wife is a little... over acting, but oh well.

Now, I've always been interested in Catwoman - the character.

Y'know what I've never understood though?

How a person that doesn't fight - normally - can get up so easily. Okay, she's stating that the make-up protects her. I guess that can make some sort of sense in why she can get up so easily. But that's always irritated me on how a "NORMAL HUMAN" can so easily keep getting up ... when that's not always the case and such.


I've been interested in Catwoman since I was possibly... 11-12 years old - I don't think I knew of her before that. I had only seen about five minutes worth of her at that age and wanted to be like her. I wanted a whip. I wanted the outfit. I wanted the moves. I didn't want to steal (I saw the jewelry scene), but I wanted all of that.

I couldn't admit it. It sounded wrong. Like if I said that I would be insulted. Like it woul dbe WRONG of me to want that. As a female. At that age. So, I didn't.

I went outside and would play with the jump rope and pretend it was a whip. Swinging. Making sure it wrapped around things. Loving the sound of the whip as it cracked.

My mama teased me once; I don't recall what she said though. It wasn't insulting, but I think she knew the reference.

I didn't know if she thought Catwoman was a bad person or not - as in the way that I was looking at her. So, I didn't want to admit it. At that age, I kept a lot in because of my dad's behaviour or worry that ... something dealing with my mom. She's a great person, yes. I just didn't want to state certain things. Even something "minor" as "crushing" on a celebrity! And worried about how stupid and silly that sounded and reactions.

So, when I heard that there would be a movie focussed on her - after seeing pieces of the original Catwoman and then the one in the movie that had caught my attention - I got excited! I saw the outfit and wanted to say, "That's awesome!" I loved the tears in the pants. The strap the way the shirt was. A bit low as the chances of FALLING OUT of the shirt are increased, but I loved it. The top... eh, the hat I thought was... off. The mask-hat. But, then I ducked when I heard all these insults and things thrown out. "She's wearing too little, it's degrading to women!" It makes it definitely difficult to be a female and stating that I LIKE the outfit and that if *I* had a body like that *I* would wear it. Because *I LIKE IT*. Yet, to think that even saying this much now I worry because of the whole fact that it's wrong for any person to like it. It's wrong.

But, I like it.

Unfortunately, I never really desired getting into the entire Batman series. I liked Batman Forever and the one with the Riddler. I liked Batman Beyond - the animated series. But, I didn't want to get into an entire series JUST for one character - Catwoman. So, I may eventually do some research on her. Find out if there are multpile stories for her becomming who she is and her personality.

So, as far as "The Real Catwoman" portrayal and movie and comics vs this movie? I can't give any real opinion for it.

However, as an overall movie. I'd give it a 6 or 7. Simple storyline. Not bad with the acting overall. Fun. Got some action. I think there could have been MORE action and the twist in the movie a bit BIGGER. I als o am not too pleased with the ending. I don't think there has to be a "HAPPY ENDING", but it seemed too sudden. Like... they wanted to have a closure, but it felt far too off. Like it should have led into it rather than going from point A to point C. I also think the CG was highly overdone, but oh well.

I would only buy the movie if it was on sale. For a cheap price. Since I don't see myself watching it often. Maybe twice a year or once a year sort of thing. IF even that.

I can be fairly easy to pleace on movies, but I think while it IS Catwoman... it was a big overdone with the cat-feline-CG and all of it. Too focused on it. Like they needed to remind us ever 5-10 minutes that she was Catwoman; despite how obvious that was.

So yeah.

6.5, I suppose would be it. Not as terrible as people say, but definitely not something I would recommend to most people.

If you want to watch a movie with little thinking and don't mind a female dressed in little clothing/tight leather and definite sexuality? Watch it. If you're against those things or a person that nit-picks every comic/game/book to movie ... movie, then don't waste your time. Most things will never be exact as the originals. It's far too difficult ESPECIALLY with how there's different interpretations of things that can only be done so many ways.


I found it to be NOT a waste of my time and worth watching and such.
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