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Anime Boston Part 09 [ 17 images ]

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Con Review

These are pictures of my c(r)os(s)play WIPs and finale.

Sasuke likes myspace.

My Space again.

Symbols are on!


I retook this shot numerous times. Samantha would NOT cooperate. Making me laugh then this then that. ~__~;;

Kicking you to the curb!

Wibble wobble attacking sister.

The image was to show the back of the outfit. But, Samantha kept getting close. So. Yeah. Yes, she's like... 7 inches taller than me.

Nick's taller too...

Try me.

Door shot 01

Door shot 02

Sasuke's down too.

Not without a fight.


Stupid Rose shot that wouldn't work.

The ONLY shot of me AT the con in this cosplay. That saddens me greatly. There was one shot taking with Sasuke and Itachi -- the one that DIDN'T take; which was outside in the dark, but I've taken picture sin the dark before with similar camera's, but *sighs* And then one by a girl dressed up in a yellow kit-kat cosplay. So... yeah ;_;

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